What is BHT?

What is BHT?

Butylated Hydroxytoluene is added to most foods to preserve fats. It is primarily made from the chemicals p-cresol & isobutylene. P-cresol is a chemical that is a mosquito attractant while isobutylene is a flammable substance one hydrocarbon away from common butane.

Where does BHT come from?

P-cresol, isobutylene, with a touch of isobutylene.

How is BHT made?

BHT is prepared by the reaction of p-cresol (4-methylphenol) with isobutylene (2-methylpropene) catalysed by sulfuric acid

Is BHT healty for me?

In the 1970s, Benjamin Feingold, a San Francisco MD who established the "Feingold Diet" claimed that BHT could produce hyperactivity in some children. In addition, some controversy surrounds the link of BHT to cancer risk, some studies showing the potential to increase and some showing a decrease in risk. Some food industries have voluntarily eliminated this additive from their products, and since the 1970s it has been steadily replaced with the less studied BHA.

BHT is marketed as a health food supplement in capsule form. It has been reported to have anti-viral effects, particularly in use against herpes family viruses and in combination with L-lysine and Vitamin C. This latter use has made it into some of the more popular literature.

More information about BHT.

BHT is an anti-oxidant. It reacts with oxygen free radicals. It can thus slow down the autoxidation rate of ingredients in a product that can cause changes in the taste or color.

It can be added to the food itself, or to the packaging material.

Primarily used to prevent fats from becoming rancid.



  1. zahid
    bht is acosmetical ingredeint

  2. zahid
    bht is acosmetical ingredeint

  3. shabba
    BHT is used to CURE Hep C. The docs won\'t tell you this as there is no money in it for them

  4. Angel
    Why is this in our food! This should be illegal. I am never buying this for my daughter again. Take the BHT out of our food. Seriously? Butane! Omg yuck!

  5. mat
    NO NO NO!:(

  6. zohmies
    Your probably better off with it in the packaging rather than in the actual food you eat.

  7. mhorbius
    BHT is extra healty for your brain.

  8. Linda Williams
    They keep leaving out the part about BHT can cause cancer. If our pain, problems and disabilities don\'t kill us Oxy will. They are killing us slowly....

  9. Dian
    oohh...but Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are soo delicious!!

  10. Bullfrog
    It's in grout loopsalso

  11. Bullfrog
    It's in grout loopsalso

  12. Bullfrog
    It's in fruit loops also

  13. Juleano
    This is horrible. I always knew BHT was bad. But I never knew it was made out of s.it Like that.