Excrement secretion of the Kerria Lacca insect. Collected off of sticks where the insects live, bark and dead insect matter is filtered out and it is turned into a glaze.


Where does RESINOUS GLAZE come from?

Mostly from India, and mainly form the Tachardia Lacca beetle, as well as from the many other of the tiny almost microscopic insects of the Lacca family (collectivly called Kerria), these tiny beetles suck sap from the trees and excrete the glaze on the branches. The branches are referred to as  'sticklac' by the locals who collect them to be processed. Some sources site that the excretion of the substance is similar to bees producing honey.



Sticklac branches are collected by locals where they are sent to a plant to remove and purify the sticky substance excreted by the Kerria Lacca beetle. The alcohol is added to the sticky substance, which it is then filtered. The substance is then used to coat candies and pills as a glaze that dries or is cooked on.

Sticklac branches primarily come from the following trees; India: Dhak, Ber, & Kusum, Thailand: Rain & Pigeon Pea trees, China: Piegeon Pea & Hibiscus, and Mexico: Barbados nut tree.


Is RESINOUS GLAZE healty for me?

Is often used for coating of candies or pills. To our knowledge no significant studies have been conducted on Resinous Glaze.

More information about RESINOUS GLAZE.

The glaze when looked at in a thick solution is a peach color  & was originally used as a natural dye. The use of lac dyes goes way back to ancient times. In India it was used as a skin cosmetic and dye for wool and silk. In China it was used as dye for leather goods. The use of lac for dye has been replaced by synthetic dyes.

It is used in medicine to prevent liver damage and as a weight loss drug.

Some groups question if this ingredient is vegan. The argument is are all the dead beetles filtered out before they are disolved in alchol. Strict vegans often say no, while others do not care since lac beetles really to small to see.




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