What is YELLOW 5?

What is YELLOW 5?

A lemon yellow dye, that is made from petroleum (crude oil from the ground). It is cheaper to extract than the natural food coloring beta-carotene.

Where does YELLOW 5 come from?

It is extracted chemically from petroleum.

Is YELLOW 5 healty for me?

Jim Stevenson from Southampton University has hypothesised that Yellow 5 combined with sodium benzoate could result in hyperactivity in children.

It has a long list of possible diseases it may agrivate or causes from ADHD to carpel tunnel.

More information about YELLOW 5.

It is often fed to chickens to make their egg yolks more appealing.



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    Fuck that

  2. danny
    in defense of kraft most of there products no longer contain yellow 5

  3. danny
    and i should say i quit buying not only kraft but all products that contained yellow 5 until it was removed from their products