What is DATEM?

What is DATEM?

Is an acryonmy for Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono-diglycerides, it is an emulsifyer that is derived from , soy, palm, or conala oil.

Where does DATEM come from?

A chemical processes involving vegtable oils (soy, palm, or conala), alcohol and or other chemicals.

How is DATEM made?

DATEM is composed of mixed esters of glycerin in which one or more of the hydroxyl groups of glycerin has been esterified by diacetyl tartaric acid and by fatty acids. The ingredient is prepared by the reaction of diacetyl tartaric anhydride with mono- and diglycerides that are derived from edible sources. The major components are a glycerol molecule with a stearic acid residue, a diacetyltartaric acid residue and a free secondary hydroxyl group.



  1. Lisa Widner
    The primary consideration would be vegan - the next would be \"is the soy oil organic?\", because if not, the vegan part is mute. Non-organic soy products are deathly...

  2. Ida Muhammad
    To be very specific( if the information provided above is correct) is (1) What is the source (animal or plant) of the mono- and diglycerides that reacts with the diacetyl tartaric anhydride and (2) What is the source of the glycerin (animal, plant or synthetic) and (3) What is the origin (animal or plant) of the stearic acid residue associated with the glycerol molecule. All these questions need to be answered to determine if the ingredient is suitable for use in vegan, kosher, and halaal foods.

  3. John
    According to Wikipedia, datem is often derived from GM, that is genetically modified, soy. In other words.. stay far away. GM foods are beginning to show frightening results in lab tests on animals. Dr. John Michael Christian www.johnmichaelchristian.com

  4. Tabitha
    Use shorter words

  5. Tabitha
    That may be true but webkipedia is not always true

  6. Jake
    Don\'t eat gmo\'s if you can avoid them. In faggotville America they don\'t have to tell you if you\'re getting mutant veggies or because Monsanto hired a bunch of fda folks and gave them lots of money. Btw I\'m proud to be a fagotville American. Just not proud of what my leadership has done. God bless you, America... You truly need it. Monsanto made agent orange. Yummy.

  7. Help
    WHat is the skeletal Formula for DATEM?

  8. Help
    WHat is the skeletal Formula for DATEM?

  9. Help
    WHat is the skeletal Formula for DATEM?

  10. Help
    WHat is the skeletal Formula for DATEM?

  11. 1
    Ваш американский яд отравил всю Европу!!!

  12. ken
    you can beat around the bush if you choose that is the way information is availiable on the net. no one wants to commit,datem is a form of free glutamic acid regardless of any other name you peg it with !

  13. Kathryn
    Well, you better stop eating any food that is grown as ALL the food we eat has been genetically modified at one time or the other that\'s what plant breeding is all about moving genes from one plant to another.

  14. Heide
    Re: Kathryn\'s comment. Not true. Hybridization or cross-breeding is NOT the same as GM.

    Heide, where is your biogenetics degree from? Please don\'t comment if you haven\'t studied in the field, else your comment is worthless.

    Heide, where is your biogenetics degree from? Please don\'t comment if you haven\'t studied in the field, else your comment is worthless.

  17. Janna
    Trams fats are also made from edible sources and we all know what they can do to us. What makes anyone think that any man made chemical emulsifier is ok for us to ingest? Stay with a whole foods unprocessed organic diet for the best health. But thank you for letting me know what DATEM is!

  18. Nell Bednarz
    Heide is correct. Crop production and genetics class and plant breeding class taught me a great deal about plant selection. This was accomplished in the field not a lab, as has been the case for thousands of years, Barrett. Perhaps you should get out into a crop field and talk to a farmer. Not all our food is contaminated with genetically engineered crops, or what is the point of eating organic foods, buying organic cotton, etc.? Personally, as an agronomist, I believe you have a good deal to learn.

  19. S.L. Hall
    My questions are: Why are food manufacturers NOW adding this to our foods? What has it replaced and why? Why is DATEM needed at all? How long has this lab created food been studied before adding it to our foods?