What is that Ingredient?

Have you ever picked up a product and looked on the back of the packaging to read the ingredients? While catching the calorie count and percentage of how much of your daily recommended salt you would be consuming did you also bother to read those ingredients?

The list usually start off pretty simple. Ingredients like; sugar, water, flour, and salt; all of these ingredients make sense. But then you get into the ones like; dextrose, corn syrup, glycerin, and modified corn starch, suddenly you no longer really are sure what you are eating. Finally towards the end of the list you run into these ingredients you can barley pronounce, ones like; niacinamide, agar, datem, vanillin and pyrophosphate. Granted some of these ingredients like; riboflavin, citric acid, and potassium sorbate are household names. Regardless it does not answer the question: What is that Ingredient?

That is what this website is here to do. It is time to stand up ask some questions. Questions like why are we eating all these non-food ingredients? What is it that I am putting into my body when I eat your snack cakes.

Currently What is that Ingredient's data is all done by the founders. We are branching out to include some of our friends to assist us in the research. Are you interested in joining the team?

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