What is DATEM?

What is DATEM?

Is an acryonmy for Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono-diglycerides, it is an emulsifyer that is derived from , soy, palm, or conala oil.

Where does DATEM come from?

A chemical processes involving vegtable oils (soy, palm, or conala), alcohol and or other chemicals.

How is DATEM made?

DATEM is composed of mixed esters of glycerin in which one or more of the hydroxyl groups of glycerin has been esterified by diacetyl tartaric acid and by fatty acids. The ingredient is prepared by the reaction of diacetyl tartaric anhydride with mono- and diglycerides that are derived from edible sources. The major components are a glycerol molecule with a stearic acid residue, a diacetyltartaric acid residue and a free secondary hydroxyl group.



  1. tom
    What concern me is the hydroxyl group. I think this is a highly reactive chemical group.

  2. ron anuarwuse
    seems like health food co-ops are fading away, to bad America, we should all be ashamed at industrialized food poisoning the population as a whole and if and when jesus returns he would spit on corporate greed

  3. Jake
    GMO is not the same as hybridization. We cannot all grow our own food. The majority of comments here are both ignorant and rather vicious. Those attacking people who have written with concern about Datem and other ingredients are ignoring one of the important factors that the FDA likes to ignore when declaring something safe for use and/or consumption: that is low-level chronic use/exposure. PS Health food co-ops are not fading away.