About WhatIsThatIngredient.com

What is that Ingredient is at its basis a little project by 2 gentlemen named Kurt. The Kurts where good friends who just wanted to know what some of these bizarre ingredients were. And thus What is that Ingredient was formed. Fast forward 10 years, and it has been a side project that has been growing over time for the two of them as they have grown up & become IT professionals.

The web-page uses a database of products and ingredients to cross link as much data as possible. Currently the founders do all the research and data entry, but they are looking for some like minded volunteers to help make the project grow. Right now the website experiences several hundred hits per day with people all over the world discovering what the things they actually eat every day are.

Q & A

Q. Why are all the ingredients in all CAPS, it looks like the ingredients are yelling at me?

A. It is a fall-back to the way ingredients are listed on products. We want the lists to look similar to the way they are listed on products, so everything is capitalized. When you look at an ingredient list on any produce they are in all friendly capital letters. This is probably a result of making it easier to read to large groups of people; and the elderly and chemically insane. After manually entering a couple dozen products you want to pluck your eyes out of your head because it feels like the ingredient lists are screaming at you.

Q. Can I help work on the project?

A. We would love your help! In fact one Kurt is working on making a regular user interface for the world-wide-web to be able to edit, moderate, and add to our database. It involves some serious Web 2.0 work so we don't know how long it will take until the site is ready for the public. We do plan on having the site be an invite only registration. Where users have to know someone in the network to get invited to join. Because of this you might want to take advantage and adding your E-mail address to our list of friends so when things are ready you are included.

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Q. How long have you guys been doing this?

A. Too long. We actually came up with the idea in the summer of 1998. The site actually has gone through a lot of changes as we have worked on it, currently we are in our at least 3rd revision of the interface.

Q. This is awesome is there a facebook group?

A. We are sorry but as of yet there is no facebook, friendface, linked-in, linked-out, or any other social network that we use to communicate, yet. We may start a group on friendface in the future though.