What is WATER?

What is WATER?

Water is one of the most abundant substances found on earth. It is made from the combination of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. It is essential in all life processes.

Where does WATER come from?

Sources of water are; natural springs, lakes, rivers, under ground reserves, and rain (yes boys and girls it litterally falls from the sky).

How is WATER made?

Once collected the water is often filtered and or trace chemicals are added to it to purify it. Some sources boil or run the water through a processes called reverse osmoses as well to purify it before it is consumed. Some water has trace amounts of salts added to it. These salts are often marketed as p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }electrolytes.

Is WATER healty for me?

Water is very healthy for you. Most humans will die in 2 days without water from regular daily activity.

It is possible to drink too much water, the term is called water intoxication. Basically if you want to drink a large quantity of water (about 4L or 1 gallon)  suddenly you can die from the shock it will incur on your system.

Water from a natural source can be very unhealthy for you if it is not; boiled, filtered, or chemically treated. Some sources of water contain large quantities of salt (like the ocean), bacteria that will make you ill, or parasites. One should never drink salt water. If you are unsure about the drinkability of the water from a natural source you should boil it before cooking or drinking it.



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