Reduced Iron is the product of Rust that has been de-rusted by applying an electrical current and hydrogen to the rust.

Where does REDUCED IRON come from?

De-oxified ironoxide(rust).

How is REDUCED IRON made?

Take Iron, let it rust, then apply a current to the rusty metal while spraying it with hydrogen: what you get is Iron... or properly called Reduced Iron.

We really want to know how you don't blow yourself sky high in this processes since applying a current to ironoxide sounds like it is bound to generate a spark and the whole thing should go boom.

Is REDUCED IRON healty for me?

In essence reduced iron is mostly iron. Your body needs iron to perform repiration.



  1. emma
    thats accually kindof gross

  2. i don\'t care

  3. Bill
    > We really want to know how you don\'t blow yourself sky high in this process It\'s simple: the boom is from hydrogen and oxygen reacting to make water, so you do this in a closed container with no oxygen, so the only oxygen that the hydrogen can react with is that which is currently stuck on the iron - that\'s what you want anyway.

  4. Bob

  5. Bob

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  7. Andrew

  8. Jonathan
    Even so, why go through the trouble? Seems a roundabout way of doing things. Of course I am sure just saying \"iron\" in the beginning isn\'t all there is to it!

  9. dre
    wat the heck rust of all things that is worst then pink slime.i am so sad.

  10. Dick
    This is dick

  11. nasty bitch
    im nasty bitch!!!! ahaha!

  12. Chase
    Did you know this stuff is in Oreos !!!!!!

  13. Pussy lover
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  14. Pussy lover
    I love me someeeee damn pusssy 8===D 💦 ()

  15. Pussy lover
    I love me someeeee damn pusssy 8===D 💦 ()

  16. Smartest FUCKER On Earth
    Oreos are vegan

  17. Passion's Fruit
    Is this "Reduced Iron" actually absorbed by the human digestive process? Or is it another loser like the ingredient calcium carbonate (a.k.a. chalk); which manufacturers like to add to food so they can list calcium on the nutrition panel, but actually causes joint problems because it isn't absorbable?